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Environmental Management

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Greetings form the Chairman

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Program on
Global Environmental Management(GEM)
at Seoul National University.

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Program on Global Environmental Management (GEM) at Seoul National University. As we are all aware of, the human society faces a serious problem of global environmental degradation, such as : climate change, biological diversity loss, and resource depletion. With the various efforts to address these global environmental problems, the university plays an important role in terms of human resources development for solving these problems. At present, there is a great demand for qualified experts who are trained in multidisciplinary approach and who can communicate with other experts in different disciplines or fields.

Seoul National University (SNU) promotes interdisciplinary education both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has adopted a policy of educating undergraduate students with a wide and open vision of the world by allowing them to take up more than one field of study and major.

SNU has developed a truly interdisciplinary program on global environmental management with the participation of 35 faculty members from 14 departments and 3 graduate schools. The participating Departments and Schools include the Department of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, Department of Anthropology, Department of Geography, School of Life Science, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural Biotechnology, Department of Forest Sciences, Department of Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Business School, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Public Health, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Public Administration. There are three international faculty members who are participating in this program: a professor from Russia, one professor from the University of the Philippines and another professor from the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA.

This program is open to undergraduate students who are already admitted and enrolled in the university with or without a chosen major field of study. For someone who has already chosen a field of study, this GEM program could serve as a second major in her or his dual degree program. In the case of undergraduate students without a chosen major field, being enrolled at the School of GEM program can provide them a major field of study which is GEM.

Please join our program and contribute to the sustainable development of our global society. Chairman, Interdisciplinary Program on Global Environmental Management