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ㆍ 제목 Recruitment of One Researcher and One Associate Researcher for Forest Conservation
ㆍ 조회수 807 ㆍ 등록일시 2011-04-11 17:20:45
ㆍ 첨부파일
일본 국제환경연구소 연구원 채용정보입니다.(연구원 2명)


We, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies are now recruiting the following two positions.

The IGES Natural Resources Management (NRM) Group conducts strategic policy
research, capacity building activities and outreach to contribute to the management,
protection and enhancement of natural resources in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of the NRM Group, the Forest Conservation Team aims to contribute to the development of policy instruments for the sustainable management of forests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Working closely with partners in the Asia-Pacific region, the Forest Conservation Team is engaged in research in developing countries.

Its areas of research are

1. Forests and climate change, and
2. Instruments to guide, verify and reward the production of and trade in
legal and sustainable wood products.

1. Regular Researcher on Forest Conservation

2. Associate Researcher (yearly contract)

Both application deadline is 20 April, 2011.

Please visit above website for more details and application.

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Research Support Section
Junko Watanabe

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